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Here’s my Strategy tips ,my review about this overwatch character!

I play a lot with but also I found late this character that was there all along just waiting for me to pick her up and have a blast! At first, it’s not easy to play since she has advantages and disadvantages.  Here is my Strategy Tips and also my experience with
After a good amount of hours that I played with this character I final found the ways of playing this character flawlessly but be assured no player in this game can be a one man team!
You definitely rely on your teammates more than anything else but you can make a difference by just follow any teammate and just destroy everything in your path! Strategy tips

Abilities of – Overwatch

canons fusion

  • Most likely you are aware of her abilities first by experience play her as or simply by getting killed by!
    Fusion Cannons :
    Unlimited shooting without reloading is her main attack and also gives your teammates some cover . While shooting your movement is very slow but yet you get a great stability towards the aiming which is fantastic!/
    Range: The closer you get from your target the more damage you will do. Medium to a Short range you will be able to do some important damage to your opponents.





Boosters : This is what makes a dangerous Opponent with those boosters you can fly for a short period of time and flank , attract your enemies attention for a quick diversion when your
team comes in for the kill! a great quick movement that will compensate when the other team is in a tight situation and you want to go around or simply reach that bastion that is causing Havoc!

  • Defense Matrix: It’s getting better! This ability will nullify any projectiles that will be shot at you ! meaning that for a couple of seconds you are invincible and will be able to reach the enemy team without getting damage so as your team if they are behind you , they will be safe as well.
    A combination of both Boosters and Defense matrix is a killer combination for faster speed and protected during that period of time to get that Turret Bastion or simply a Hanzo or a widowmaker cause massive damage on the field!


  • self-destructSelf-Destruct: Self destruct is the ultimate of and will kill any enemy nearby unless they are hiding behind a wall or object that will cover the AOE damage of the self-destruct. You can die from
    the self-destruct so make sure you find a nice enclosed place before ejecting. it’s also a good diversion for your team to come in or literally kill a few targets on your way to hide from the blast.

call mech











Ejecting from the Mech: When your mech loses all its health you will be automatically ejected not a problem you are still alive with a gun that does serious damage . You can literally say that you turn into an offensive shooter! That gun is very powerful and should be used at attacking as well by the time you get yourself 100% you can simply call back your mech to get back into action! Strategy Tips

Keep yourself at a safe distance and tell your team when you’re going in so you get the maximum damage output to bring down your enemies

Team + Boosters + Defense Matrix = you have your team behind you-you have your boosters and your defense matrix! ready to go in tell them you’re going in to follow you and them to aim at the healer or tank you will take the dpser’s out . Very important that you aim at the offensive characters first of their low health and second you don’t do as much damage you will be wasting important time trying to take down the tank by yourself!
Don’t overuse your defense matrix since the last patch it will be used as a tank meter and it recharges the moment you stop using it. Just use it when someone is shooting at you.Most of the time I make the mistake to turn around which if you don’t have a team with you most likely you will die always depend on your damage dealers. be around them assist their attacks and compensate for the kill. Use your communication skills if you need Healing also to group up or simply saying I got my ultimate! but the best communication is having a microphone and don’t be shy to talk! it’s a team game, not just a killing frenzy .
The way to use your self-destruct could be diverse you can use your boosters to propel the mech while self-destructing or simply your getting ejected from your mech and simply blow it up in place.The perfect angle while using boosters is at 60 degrees will propel it into the air and simply cause damage all over the place the best time to do so is when your team is attacking as well it will act as a diversion and simply kill whoever is still around the location.
Boosters to push back the enemy: Use the boosters to push them back giving ground for your team to get into the capture point or simply give them a few seconds to flank or choose their points again the success at aiming at the dpsers low health faster kill completely disregard the tank!
Snipers: These can be very annoying most of the time. Your team is on the dpsers and tanks case you have the short time to knock them out. Boosters defensive matrix and just kill them they are very squishy so it would be a breeze for you to go for the kill and most likely grab the win! Strategy tips
Healers are the reason most of the time that some teams literally win the games. You see a mercy go for it! you definitely don’t want her to rez the whole team! that’s the trick to anticipate these key moments of literally lose the game!


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