Memoires of a witch doctor Season 7


Back to Diablo 3 ,Witch doctor!

Witch doctor , I noticed a lot has changed since my last appearance in the diablo 3 game

As a streamer, I was watching a streamer playing Diablo 3 and I said to myself why not!

Season 6 was already at the end of it but I managed to start a seasonal character and just jump in.


Changes that I’ve seen along the way was. Kanai’s cube

  • A way to extract legendary power from gear and have 3 extra powers at any time?! what is this sorcery!?
  • The Nehalem rifts and Greater rift another addon that made this grinding fest last longer and the competition that will make you play more to get the highest rank and measure your character progress with your clan/friends.
  • New gear and quests that will bring you a gear set to start yourself on higher levels of Torment difficulty as for the greater rifts to reach higher than ever your potential to survive and hit those high driven and mostly enjoyable damage crits!
  • An amazing feeling when you get this ancient piece that will make you jump out of your seat after hours and hours of grinding !
  • This is today the thrill of playing diablo 3. there is always a way to play this game and enjoy it is by playing seasonal and race against your friends or simply team up and make yourself even higher greater rifts as a team to be your own solo levels.
  • It has been many years now some rumours indicated Blizzard is going for Diablo 4 which would be about time since 2010, 6 years has passed some new content even after the expansion hasn’t been much of a difference but it still fun to see every new season what is it going to happen buffs, nerfs the whole gear concept that will decide for high level greater rifts how the diablo community would react towards blizzards choices.

Season 7 Witch Doctor

  • I’ve been a witch doctor since the beginning of D3 and yes I’ve tried all classes but with the doctor is by far the best class and the most fun I’ve played yes it might not be a meta but I do enjoy the class very much pets wise . On Diablo 2 I was a big fan of the Necromancer disappointed not seeing the Necromancer in the Diablo 3 as a choice hopefully it will show up in Diablo 4! Come on Blizzard do it for me!

Big nerf to the Witch Doctor on season 7!

  • Anyways the witch doctor could have been a class that would bring damage to another level but the late nerf on the ring of emptiness made the damage only viable towards the witch doctor and not the pets.
  • Which is still good but not that good.


So far on Season 7 of diablo 3

My hopeless finds my failures!

I was able to get my hellthoot harness set which brought me to play higher torments. The gear, I’m looking for right now is as simple as

    • Witching hour belt
    • Tasker and Theos
    • Mask of Jeram
    • Manajumas Carving Knife!

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So far no luck it’s unfortunate! I’ve been gathering death’s breath all over the place but Kanay and Kadala are not helping me at all! A few of my videos that I’m working right now have some disappointing moments by spending so many of my gathered mats and waste on useless legendaries for the mean purpose of simply salvaging the whole thing and start over again!

Anyways I will be completing this Article accordingly to my finds but so far nothing besides a simple Tall man’s finger that brought my hopes up a little.

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