Diablo 3 season 7 Legendary drops lower than usual?!


Diablo 3 Season 7 witch doctor progress disappointment!

Legendary drops in seasonal normal mode

This has been by far the most frustrating season so far.

Yes, I am aware that the legendary drops have a percentage regards to the difficulty level but to this point even on T9, I feel like there are no drops interesting enough to literally even pick it up!

I am up to paragon 400 and still don’t see anything that could bring me closer to a higher Greater rift!

Am I just on a bad run of dungeons/ rifts and make me go down the drain into hell and oblivion?!


Witch doctor Legendary/Set drops where?!

Disappointed to these loot drops such as 2 handed maces swords and some random gear not even linked to my witch doctor!

So far no luck but yet again I was able to get my Hellthooth set from the seasonal quests which allow me to go deeper in the greater rifts but again to a certain extent

Manajuma set in this case still didn’t get my Carving Knife ! At this point, I wouldn’t even care that it would be a shitty Carving Knife as long as I get at least one!


Kanays Cube and Kadala are you serious right now?!

I wasted so many Deaths breath that I can’t understand how low the drop is sending me those useless drops makes me give up into playing this game.

I’m a very patient gamer but after spending over 2000 deaths breath lol it’s like the game is giving up on me instead.

I can’t even talk about the blood shards LOL Kadala doesn’t spare your hard earned blood shards. She will chew you and spit you right out!


Never Give up here is what I’m looking for!

Anyways this is a long haul and yes I won’t give up but sometimes it’s just painful to go through it and move on right now I still need The mask of Jeram and the Theo and taskers Helm and Gloves

It wouldn’t hurt either the Witching hour belt as well. At this point, it’s hard and painful but I will eventually get it . I guess it’s just a matter of time. As the last season, 6 goes I was luckier towards my drops which are unfortunate this year . Let’s hope I get that Manajuma set completed so I can far the hell out of these rifts


Wish me good luck guys and see you on my twitch channel at Blackboard

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