Gem of ease something to look into it for leveling a second character

Gem of ease – Let’s talk about it!

Gem of ease my experience with a rank 25

  • When you reach a certain level and you get the gem of ease a gem acquired on greater rifts that increase the amount of XP per kill which will definitely get you up to 70 under an hour!
  • The second specialty of that gem at level 25 gives you the ability to equip that gem on a level 1 weapon .
  • Now here is the fun part when you get a powerful level 70 weapon with the kanai’s cube you can gather mats
  • resources to be able to equip a level 70 weapon on a level 1 character!

Diablo 3 Gem of ease stats


Going Solo or with friends to carry you for a faster result.

Now you have a level 70 legendary weapon and also a gem that will boost you through the game from level 1 to 70!

Since you got an extremely powerful weapon with the gem why not just blast your difficulty to torment 10!

Now were talking, see you in a few minutes at level 70! The bad side of having the level 70 weapon is to destroy the gem of ease in the kanai’s cube then you will have to rank up the gem once more.

rank it up once more when you go for a greater rift to have it again for it to be equipped with your level 1 weapon.But well worth it if you ask me

Specific socket of this gem on weapons only I do believe if you want to paragon quick at the sacrifice of critical hit damage go for it 😉


It’s more powerful when you are leveling of course with a leveling weapon.



Gem of Ease stats and specific information

  • Can be found on Greater rifts from the rift guardians
  • Only be able to socket on weapons
  • First-time appearance : Season 2
  • Official appearance for normal mode : Season 3
  • Experience acquired per monster kill per rank leveled the gem extra 50 XP
  • Best strategy for the gem of ease : Level 70 legendary drop to Level 1 + Gem of ease + Torment X = Best Solo PowerLeveling

Requires one Gem of ease rank 25 extract for weapon level drop to 1





Kanai’s Cube Removing Level requirement recipe

Work of Cathan

  • 1 weapon of your choice = Level 70 stats will be kept as it is amazing huh? 
  • rank 25 gem of ease ”Destroyed in the process”

Rank 0 Gem of ease

Gem of ease image

Gem of Ease
Legendary Gem

Properties of the gem:

  • Monster kills grant +500 experience.
    • Upgrade: +50 additional experience per Rank.
  • Level Requirement of the weapon is set to 1 (Requires Rank 25)

This stone twinkles with low-level light, inviting its bearer to dream of higher ambitions.




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