Glitched Diablo 3 LOL!

I broke the game!

Diablo 3 , glitch , blizzard , funny , angry chicken

As much as you love diablo 3 most likely this never happens.I never had any problems with Blizzard games but this day lol!

Awesome glitch I don<t know exactly what happened but it did ! While playing diablo 3 seasons 7 on a greater rift 45 with my witch doctor at the end of the greater rift the game started glitching

Making my witch doctor moving left to right without following the map some very nice caught on tape moment and me going ape shit very funny and entertaining.

At the end, it came back to normal when I used the portal back to town and went back through the portal.

Good moment good catch worth watching including my reaction be aware that on my videos i cuss.

This stream I did get some awesome drops including a double RORG!!! amazing drops amazing stream and awesome moments.


Enjoy the video!

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