Starfox 64 record! feud over 19 years of hate!

Starfox 64 record! feud over

19 years!


A feud about this game Starfox 64 record for 19 years!

Jay and Dio on an endless feud about this record for only 48 points apart for the first place

Even after so many attempts ,Jay still didn’t take it and wanted a duel! for the best Starfox player. Dio refused the duel and also the numbers still indicates the number 1 which is Dio watch the video and feel how this argument will never end !

Long live Starfox 64!


If you haven’t played this game it’s actually fun to play but honestly didn’t get any better since the graphics are pixelized and outdated but this feud while the Select+start crew of Dio and Jay went to another level of hate re-awakening this feud that still stands for 19 years! Meaning that those pixels will in fact hunt Jay down for the rest of his life!

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