CIV 6 vs CIV 5 what’s the best game

Civilization 6 vs CIV 5 what’s the best game


Civilisation 6: After playing hours and hours  . I now can make sense out of this game

First, let’s check out what Civilization 6 is all about.

Civ 6 got somehow more restrictive and micromanaging strategy game.

Let me show you some of these few tweaks that might just change your mind into playing this game.

One of the major changes in this new civ game is

BUILDER units!

Builders : Aw! those awesome builders that just do the work for you! ain’t that nice! Nope! it has been changed on Civilization 6

The good the bad and the ugly! Now builders have a max of 3 uses before they disappear  the builds are one shot which is nice so you can move on to the next tile but also it’s bad

Since you will have to buy so many of those builders to improve your tiles. Also, no more automatic build which takes so long to micromanage at this point I don’t even feel like building more cities because you know you will be stuck improving those tiles more than your fighting!


Pro civ 5 for builders!

Civ 5 builders may have taken the time to build improvements but you had the option to set it on exploring and voila! build your civilization and concentrate on what you like.


I get the point changing rules make the game longer and fun i understand but there should be a legacy mode giving you the option to play the way it’s suppose to be played i dont see why they removed that option and it’s herendous to see this auto build gone.


Tiles/Districts and restrictions.

Civilization 6 main changes are revolved around districts being used to specialize on specific buildings.

Ok before I go mental on this I just want you to understand that any modifications from now on are not so bad.

I like the district way of playing the game you will want to build your future cities in specific locations that will bring you more gold faith culture and science this is not new since Civilisation 5 has that already!

Having districts implemented of specific tiles and yes it will take a tile and replace it completely with that district and also wonders take your tiles away but also it will be restricted where you are building it.



If you want to build a pyramid you have to be near a desert tile and some wonders will need of corse water tile  mountains stone rivers and it will be indicated on the wonder itself .


Also, the great people will have restrictions on where you can unlock their culture science-faith etc..

So make sure you have a specific district that will allow your celebrity or the great person to unlock its discoveries!

Civ 6 City-States

City-states are slightly different now you send your envoys directly after you unlock it.

Also when you reach a certain number of envoys you will be able to loan their existing army for a good amount of turns and a nice amount of gold.

The bad side about that is you can’t gift them your units I was in love with that option which you can’t gift units anymore to anyone. Also, you cannot pledge protection anymore and it sucks  yes they will go to war with the civilization that has more envoys yeah I get it but it’s not the same .

Civilisation 5 wins this one by far what a bummer.


After conquering a city.

In civilization 6 it will be restricted to two or maybe 3 options in some cases

Razed to the ground ! Keep it as one of your cities or liberate it to whoever had control over it before.

In civilization 5 it had puppet city making it simply a city that will give you goods without having to contribute to building anything on it.

You can raze pretty much everything which in this case in civ 6 you won’t be able to raze capitals! Big bummer!

Sentry mode not anymore ! what the hell! yup another downfall!

Micromanagement is key into this new civ 6 game.

The government has now cards unlocked on civics tree! yes, it gives a new perspective on what you want to concentrate on it but you lose so much time into selecting what you really want. I was funned of the Select my government that way it is and reinforce with a few tree selections making it easy to understand and move on into action.

It’s a detailed game yes I love details but it takes all the good side of the game now playing with your friends if you are not aware of the system new addition you will take a lot of time micromanaging all these detailed interactions.


The game feels longer and will give your money’s worth and starting a new game is always exciting .


Personalities of the civilizations

will like you if you have a big army or leaning towards culture or science. Navy or simply if you have so many cities all over the world. One will simply embrace your religion which is kinda cool!

That’s a new approach which I enjoyed from Civ 6.


What is missing in Civilisation 6

Besides the 19 civilizations, it feels like its lacking more I also understand there is going to have many more expansions but is it really worth it to buy Civ 6.


I would say this Civ 5 right now is superior due to the systematic gameplay and their expansions and the mod community over the years has so many contributed modifications of the game.


But civilization 6 will give the new player to be immersive to a way of playing the game without having a hard time to understand it.


For the veteran player yes it’s worth it you will have your money’s worth of fun with a lot of modifications from the previous civ5 to the new civ 6 improved I don’t think so but it will make us veterans of the series to adapt to the new rules and ways of playing this game and give this game a fresh breath and a different concept and vision .


I give Civilisation 6

7 out of 10

civilization 6 logo
I didn’t like it at first but the more I played the more I got into it

And made me like it even more. I can’t wait to see the future expansions and let’s hope there are some mods  and a lot of support from this game.



But in my preference Civilization, 5 still is the better for the years it has given us.




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