Diablo 3 – Witch Doctor Season 7

Diablo 3 – Witch Doctor Season 7

From Level 1 to 70 to Paragon 470 Greater rift 70 SOLO!

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Witch Doctor on season 7 from 1 to 70 and up to Paragon 470 reaching Greater rift 70!


Here is what I have done

Started my Witch doctor set difficulty to Hard and went directly to Bounty Adventure mode

Opened Nephaleam rifts and grinded myself through the levels .

My build was pet oriented but at the beginning, you have not much choice!

Make sure your gear has XP per kill and focus on the attack bonus such as damage or intelligence.

At this point, I strongly suggest working yourself throughout the rifts until you reach level 70

From hard to master difficulty is normally when you reach level 60 to 65 since your gear drops are more powerful on intelligence and those marquise gems start dropping.

Also if your lucky on the drops and get good gear that makes a fast killing nothing is wrong on upping the difficulty level to Torment 1!


When you reach Level 70 it’s time for the seasonal QUEST


You will get a series of quests that will unlock your Hellthooth Harness

1.Every chapter of 1 through 4 will unlock 2 pieces set for a total of 6 pieces.

Every 2 pieces you become more resilient and more powerful when you finish all your 4 chapters it’s time to

2.Hunt for the Kanais Cube for legendary power extractor Website references how to find the kanais cube.

3. While farming nephaleam rifts for gemstones and deaths breath and blood shards.

  • Blood shards : farmed from Blood Goblins throughout the bounty maps , rifts and greater rifts
    • Use it for Kadala to gamble for set pieces and legendaries . Important to focus on key pieces for Witch doctor
      • Mask of Jeram (Head slot) 25 shards per purchase
      • Tasker and Theos ( Gloves) 25 shards per purchase
        • You need these pieces to make a leap into higher rift levels and also torments on nephaleam rifts
  • Death’s breath : common drops from Rift , greater rift Guardians , Blue and yellow elite mobs and some Goblins

Death’s Breath Drop Rates

Credited to :’s_breath


sacred-harvester witch doctor weapon stats short man's finger ring diablo III witch doctor

Those Death’s breath and the proper mats will give you an edge to get the Sacred Harvester weapon  , Short Man’s finger as very costly items with kadala  wich they cost 75 to 100 shards per try not worth it if you ask me 25 deaths breath a yellow and blue salvaged items will give you plenty of chances to have what you are looking for.


I suggest accumulating at least 500 deaths breath before attempting any typical Kanais cube rare upgrade into a legendary item also make sure your items are level 70!

If by any chance you got a legendary level 1 to 69 and it’s outdated but the value is there such as

tasker and theo gloves witch doctor diablo III mask of jeram witch doctor Ancient helm diablo III

  • Mask of Jeram
  • Tasker and Theos
  • Ornaments bracers
  • Sacred Harvester
  • Short man’s finger
    • KEEP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you can always extract its values with the kanais cube! 


Nothing better than the manajuma set

Manajuma's Gory Fetch - Witch doctor Diablo 3 Mojo Manajuma's Carving Knife - Witch doctor Diablo 3 weapon

  • Carving Knife
    • Weapon of the 2 piece set that separately is nothing special
  • Gory Fetch
    • Mojo of a dead chicken with these 2 pieces
  • Manajuma Set
    • If you select the Hex attack and select the Angry chicken rune
      • you will be able to run at 100% constantly for 15 seconds cool down time of this is 12 seconds and you will have it all the time!
      • nothing better in bounties rifts for a specific hunt ( Elites and Guardians!)

Can’t live without it to get those 2 pieces it was a pain for me you might be luckier when you are looking for it.


That’s pretty much it if you want to see my current set here is my profile/ witch doctor seasonal 7


Feel free to comment below your thoughts and you may have a better Build

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Thank you for passing by!


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