Geekskits Games list playing right now in 2017

Geekskits Games list playing right now in 2017


Let me keep it simple as much as I love gaming here is a list of games I’m playing right now.

Civilisation VI


Most recent Civ game ill keep it short and sweet – It will be available on our youtube channel

Civilisation V

Civ V my favorite ill be playing some mods on it and have a blast also it will be available on our youtube channel

Simcity (2013)

Simcity 2013 why? actually, it’s not as bad as you think. I decided to play this on multiplayer North America east 1 server if you want to find me my name is Geekgamingsite


Good old overwatch like or not it’s one of my favs and also when I rage most. Most likely I will be streaming it on youtube and twitch



Diablo III

D3 oh yeah good old diablo 3 I will try to work on season 9 since I missed season 8 I will be playing my witch doctor on Hardcore seasonal and hope I will die and never come back LOL YOLO! Twitch and youtube. I will put it on our youtube channel some key moments that are interesting.

Cities Skylines

Been neglecting this game for a while but it’s like SimCity on roids! I gotta give it another shot and build a big massive penis! yes, I said it!

Black Desert Online

This game has been on the side for the longest time! I will have to come back and give it a shot. Most of the gameplay is going to be around quests and will be added on youtube only

Fifa 17

Youtube only I will play the shittiest english club in the whole country and turn it into a 5 star club . HAHAHA thats gonna hurt but hey I believe in it MANAGER MODE !

South Park Stick of truth PC

Played it and enjoyed it Gotta come back and play it again before the new one comes out! Youtube and maybe twitch.




Geekskits Out! Blackboard

Hey guys thanks for visiting our website this is some of our playlist also give a visit to our youtube channel and slap that subscribe button more games and selections comming through . Feel free to comment and suggest any games you may want us to play.

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