Fifa 17 – Ultimate team single player starter Div 10 to 1

Hi everyone , Nando here for another in depth Fifa 17 


I’ve been playing fifa 17 for a while and will make a quick article about how to start an ultimate team with no coins if not barely and start building key players that will bring you up on the division.


This is my experience troughout all previous Fifa versions till now and feel free to apply these techniques or simply enjoy the article!


  1. Online or Single player division
    1. Single Player :Of corse it’s your choice but in my case i prefer Single player division
      1. Advantages: no lag you can pause the game whenever you want .
    2. Online division: Play agains’t competitors , it’s all about dem skills fairly unbalanced skill matching. Pausng the game is temporary better be there with a 30 second pause availability


When I started my team I got a bunch of Bronze players it’s not as hard as you think and you can still progress with the team that was offered to you with random players.


Most Division competitions has no requirements to join as a particular team.


Something you should know right off the bat!

If you played the previous versions of Fifa such as 15 and 16 your FIFA coins will be transferred to your current game which is awesome! on the unlockables

select the extra coins per game! if you have accumulated many levels you will be able to get a boost of coins per game most likely triple the amount on every game!


If I knew that before I would be rolling right now haha! Selecting a Nationality or a specific league will give you an edge towards Chemistry making your team more receptive when you defend or attack .


Stick with a League or a player Nationality.


Brazil would be a most common choice since there are hundreds of players choices for your team at the best prices.


Don’t forget this experience that I’m going through is by playing the game and not spend cash on packs this is all pure gaming and buy affordable players that will do the job score and defend.



So far I’ve been upgrading my bronze team up to gold concentrated my purchases within the Portuguese Nationality team . I will eventually build a Brazilian team which is easier with the amount of players on every league.


The more you advance into the divisions the harder it gets to get promoted you almost have to be flawless on your wins .


The search of key players on my side is simple and yet effective.


Under a 4-3-3 strat


St: Header accuracy and attacking position

LW/RW: Pace and Crossing

CM: Attacking position and long shots

CDM: Marking and Strength

CB: Marking and Pace

LB/RB: Marking and Pace

GK: Reflex


This may not apply to your start that is why I suggest you to plan it before you start adding most of the time we donot have any choices and end up planning on what we have. But the higher the division the more you have to rely on a strat that will bring you to victory.

I have noticed as well that sometimes the formation is not working and you are struggling into passing trought this could be due to your oponnents formation.

Change the formation play with it until you find one that will help you out during the game!

In many occasions I was able to win games by changing it.



Everyone this is not the end of my article but I will come back to add more information about it.


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