Mini Metro – Nando Play’s

Mini Metro – Nando Play’s


Video Gameplay by Nando!


mini metro gameplay screenshot

Mini Metro is very intriguing and yet very easy to play dragging your mouse from one station to another there is nothing more simple . Now to maintain a number of pedestrians waiting for the metro to pass by is another level of stress! And yet again every time you play the most knowledgeable you get into perfecting your gameplay.The game stations are as simple as these geometric forms from a square , triangle , circle , star and so on. Every pedestrian will have a shape as their destination on a square location te pedestrian will be most likely identified as the other shapes.

The further you will be in the current game the more pedestrians  you will have. There is also

Plenty of add-ons on the trains extra carriages , faster trains , you can upgrade also your station for faster embarkation as well as make tunnels , bridges.

It’s a simple and yet addictive game that I had a lot of fun with even after passing the levels in normal which you have to get the pedestrians from one station to another to let them hang in there for too long you will lose the game!


There is Normal as a timer to bring them from one station to another in time.Mini Metro Difficulty levels

Endless mode: simply make your metro system more efficient no time is required they can wait as much as you want.

Expert mode is kinda hard a lot more population and it’s a pain in the ass to make it happen but also a challenge!

To use expert mode you have to first manage to carry 1000 passenger mark in normal mode on a specific map!

Not easy already but well worth it!

mini metro montreal selection


Daylight mode and night light mode – Honestly I prefer night light mode for a relaxing look at it.


Here is Nando’s Gameplay for a closer approach to the game .You can find it on Steam or Origin or simply if you have ea access it’s in the vault give it a try you won’t regret it.




For more deep  information about Mini Metro here is a sweet link to go to! Blackboard

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