Necromancer in diablo 3

Necromancer diablo 3

Necromancer in diablo3

Here is my input of the Necromancer in diablo3

I just started playing diablo 3 season 8  making maybe my last video about it and then the day after on facebook blizzard posted a teaser of some sort about the what the fuck!?


I was into d3 for so long at the beginning awaiting the necromancer to show it’s appearance and the disappointment on my face when it wasn’t there.

On ACT II :I saw that necromancer

Necromancer on d3 act 2


Mehtan the Necromancer just hanging around with nothing to do with again make me enrage of the fact that he was in a d3 game and I couldn’t grab that character and play with!

I compensated my efforts on the witch doctor since its a pet oriented named him Necromancer to compensate on my frustration of not playing the necromancer class.


Now I was about to quit diablo 3 forever and they bring up the necromancer class. Way to go blizzard you got me back! Omg, this is the best news I have ever been shocked upon .The crusader character for me not interested at all but this class pet build is something that I will be looking forward to.

Here are some D2 speculations here is a youtube video that might or might not be inspired to the potential skills of the necromancer in d3


I want to see the golem !!! Iron blood fire name it got have it.

We know the bone spear the corpse explosion.

Mage and warrior skeletons.

Bone wall would be awesome to see and also the bone armor oh yeah! Good old Necromancer I can’t wait to play my main class on an updated diablo game.

It’s going to revive my love for diablo 3 if it wasn’t for this class any other class such as

the druid , amazon , paladin or even the assassin wouldn’t bring me back.


Some people my criticize that there is already a pet build class but honestly I don’t think it is the same.

Crusader brings the memory of the Paladin

Amazon withing the memory of the Demon hunter

Wizard to the sorceress

Barb is barb which is probably the only one that comes trough the original series.

Witch doctor is for me a class aside even though the fetishes upon the rune set as skeletons it’s still fetishes


Now necromancer is here and I can’t wait! Blackboard

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