Titanfall 2 – review

Titanfall 2 – review



At last ! they have listened to our feedback!

At this point, I guess EA is trying to catch up and gain more fan base don’t get me wrong the first game was awesome but Titanfall 2 will be a lot more fun than the first one regards to the fan feedback.

Titan fall 2 screenshot gameplay

Multiplayer mode

is awesome it feels like the game has been set as fair play. Gives you time to react accordingly to what’s happening around you meaning that you will respond accordingly to the opponents, not like COD you get killed in an instant yes I get it but strategically speaking you have no reaction time.


What is the advantage of titanfall2  over titan fall

  • 8 titans in single player mode
  • 6 titans in Multiplayer mode
  • Matchmaking balanced and improved system
  • New servers dedicated
  • Custom your player and titan how cool is that?!
  • Single player Story mode

Story Mode

Jack Cooper with his titan BT7274 you get yourself on a tutorial that will be on an alien planet. Jungle type of a planet with creatures and the visuals are just amazing.

The story mode of Titanfall2 actually makes you interact with your titan which is kinda cool like a sort of Knight rider LOL! It just feels great to see a Human interact with a machine which you sorta get attached of some sort .


When you are submerged into the campaign is amazing I felt like it didn’t last long enough and lacks of the story even thought it was awesome!

5 hours?! what about 15 hours or a perfect 20 hours for those who aren’t onto multiplayer. I would love to see more.

A good advantage of the multiplayer mode is the fact of having less random respawns more of a battlefield local respawn  which makes you have a strategic approach to the game. Planning is key and when you apply you can survive longer instead of just going suicidal which I’m not a fan of it.

This game makes you personalize your pilot

  • Camo (skins)
  • Abilities
  • Skills
  • Gear
  • Customize your weapon colors

Burned cards have been removed for some reason I do believe it gave a sense of progression into the game. It has been replacing by the ability loadout.

titan fall 2 in a titan screenshot

Titans seem to die faster but that’s just probably me . for camo unlock progression takes forever! doesn’t feel right it.

The deluxe edition just comes with 2 skins I don’t believe on extra skins most likely everybody will have it and kinda loses the originality save your 20$ on some Mountain dew and chips.

Overall the game feels great worth the 60$ and feels like you get your money worth .

I love this game I give 8.5 out of 10 . Hopefully, the next titan fall will follow once more the feedback of the people who play religiously this game.


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