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Twitch Streamer – Looking for a wider audience!

What to expect on this website?

screenshotgeekskitsThis website Also I will include a certain a site is about spocgames as gamers personal blog .

I will talk about the games that i play do some reviews and experience the games unique juices!
A mountain of information regards to the games characteristics and path that i chose to take.

Keeping it simple and entertaining at the moment raw data will be included but highlight compilations are a must

I curse like a sailor! Please be aware that my stream channel is for a mature audience!

Honest goal to this path.

I will also want to be honest and transparent throughout this website and also my channel at

My goal is to turn this project to a profit building website and hopefully make this my full time job !

Reach the top is a dream nothing better to go up and help those who have the same vision as I do!

I’m looking for that and make this passion shown to the world!


I want to show you my skills as a gamer , reviewer for games , gaming accessories and simple gaming skills

Reviews about my accessories that I use normally on my streams showing you my goods!

I will add videos with the posts for a more detailed reviews strats and less productive; raging funny moments and also some good plays worth the watch! Before anything i do this for fun with an hint of my personal humor. It’s fun so I do it and as long as everyone is enjoying my productivity and support around the gaming community the stronger I will get!

Where to find me?


Here is my direct Stream Channel

Looking forward to see you! Follow me with notification for the next stream!

Video example
Watch live video from Spocgames on

Watch me live! On this one !

Watch live video from Spocgames1 on


Don’t forget to follow me see you soon on my Channel! Blackboard

Hey guys thanks for visiting our website this is some of our playlist also give a visit to our youtube channel and slap that subscribe button more games and selections comming through . Feel free to comment and suggest any games you may want us to play.

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